A Big Turnout for Preview at the Abbey

This Saturday we wrapped up our second semi­annual Preview at the Abbey. Students from as far away as Indiana and Washington traveled to Canon City, Colorado to participate in classes taught by Bill Jack, Nathan Pegors and Jeff Baldwin and to learn more about the Worldview at the Abbey bridge year program.

The event kicked off Friday afternoon with a brief welcome in the library, followed by a discussion comparing presuppositionalism and evidentialism in our Advanced Worldview and Apologetics course taught by Nathan Pegors. After a rousing pick-­up game of ultimate frisbee and a delicious dinner, students and their parents enjoyed a Night at the Movies with chancellor Bill Jack.

After breakfast on Saturday, prospective students watched our current students lead a museum tour and then reconvened in the library to hear provost Jeff Baldwin teach how to find the central theme in literature and in movies. The cafeteria provided a satisfying lunch highlighted by BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, and then it was time for a short farewell ceremony.

Ten prospective students attended the weekend with their parents. Enrollment at Worldview at the Abbey will be capped at 24 students in 2016. We will offer a second Preview at the Abbey March 18th - ­19th. Contact Hannah Hall at hhall@worldview.org for more information.