Worldview at the Abbey and TIU announce 30 hours of Transferrable College Credit!

Worldview at the Abbey is excited to announce that beginning in fall 2016, an agreement with Trinity International University will allow our students to earn up to 30 hours of transferrable college credit through our program!

Students who apply to Worldview at the Abbey and meet both our admission criteria and that of Trinity will be enrolled as freshmen at that university. Students will attend classes at Worldview at the Abbey, and upon graduation from our program will have a Trinity transcript for those classes.

Should students choose to continue their education at Trinity International University, they will be automatically accepted upon graduation from the Abbey and will also be granted $2,500 per semester in scholarships from Trinity for the remainder of their time there.

Should students choose to go somewhere else to continue their education, their Trinity credit will be treated in the same manner as if they had been attending Trinity for the entire year.

Twenty-seven credit hours will be earned through instruction at Worldview at the Abbey, and three hours will be through Trinity’s online course options – allowing students to choose how to round out their year at the program. Because of the workload of the Abbey courses, our staff will recommend students wait until the spring at the earliest prior to beginning this online class.

At Trinity, each Abbey course would be considered Freshman or Sophomore level general education classes. These would all have the potential of transferring to another university should the student decide not to attend Trinity upon graduation, but the class equivalents would be determined by the receiving institution, and would not be guaranteed to be general education classes.

As a rule of thumb, institutions that are similar in mission and vision to Worldview at the Abbey and Trinity International University would be more likely to accept the credits, but unfortunately we cannot offer any guarantees on how exactly they would transfer beyond assuring that there should be no questions of accreditation.

We are extremely excited about this new opportunity and we hope this will better serve the parents and students who are considering our program.

If you have any questions about how this agreement will work, please call our Dean of Student Life, August Huckabee, at (800) 569-1570 (Ext 701) or email him at