Secret Church is an international simulcast taught by David Platt of Brook Hills Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Twice a year, Secret Church takes place to unite believers around the world in a time of teaching and prayer for the local and global church. Designed to emulate meeting in a country where believers cannot meet openly and freely, the teaching portion takes place for 6 hours! In countries where christians and churches are few or illegal, believers will often meet in this way so that they can receive a large amount of teaching at once and revisit it over time because they cannot attend church like we can in America. For more information about Secret Church, click here. 

The topic for Secret Church this spring is "Christ, Culture, and a Call to Action". The following excerpt comes from the Secret Church website and gives an idea of what to expect for this year: 

"So how does the call of Christ compel us to respond to these challenges? How does a Christian respond to the rapid rise of so-called same-sex marriage and the increasing acceptance of homosexuality? How does a Christian live in a world of sex slavery and rampant pornography, a world where babies are aborted and widows are abandoned? How does a Christian think in a culture of pervasive racial prejudice and limited religious liberty? What does a Christian do in a church that exalts prosperity amidst a world of extreme poverty? During this Secret Church, we will explore biblical foundations for answers to these questions and come to significant conclusions regarding how Christ calls every Christian to engage culture with a firm grip on the gospel in the church and a fervent passion for God’s glory in the world."

Worldview at the Abbey is hosting Secret Church Friday April 24th in Hedley Hall located on the northwest corner of the Abbey campus in Canon City, Colorado.  The simulcast will begin at 5:00 pm and end around 11:00 pm (please arrive 10-15 minutes early).  The registration cost is $10 which includes a study guide and refreshments.  Bring your Bible and pen and come ready to hear from the truth of God's word! 

To register, fill out and submit the form below.  Then use the Paypal button to complete your payment. In order to ensure that we have enough study guides for those in attendance, please register by April 20th.  If you would like to register after April 20th, contact Hannah Hall at or 1 (800) 569-1570.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call 1 (800) 569-1570. 

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